Over 15 years of experience

Marteq has been in the aluminum offshore solution business for 15 years! With a vast portfolio, Marteq can assure the deliverance of the perfect product.

High standards only

Marteq certifies every single one if its products where necessary. High standards, great quality and product experience are highly valued by Marteq!

Customization as fit

Marteq manufactures its own products. This creates the opportunity to customize the product as seen fit. With Marteq's designing team, a solution to your problem will always be found.


Branches - shortlist

Gangways and wharf ladders (ISO7061-2015)

Marteq designs and manufactures high quality gangways to match to the latest standard. The most common models and sizes are available from stock. All products comply with applicable regulations as required by the ISO standards and the Maritime Safety Circulars. Gangways come with a certificate from a recognized classification society, such as Bureau Veritas.

Accommodation ladders (ISO5488-2015)

Marteq provides aftermarket and OEM solutions for accommodation ladders. The products are fully developed and produced in house. Customization is possible.

River cruise ships (EN14206)

Marteq has earned its reputation when it comes to gangway’s for passenger vessels, both inland and seagoing. Across Europe, dozens of ships are sailing with our products. Marteq products are characterized by their sophisticated and light design.

River barges (EN526)

Based at the applicable standard Marteq has developed a high-quality and lightweight gangway for inland river ships. This product is always in stock and we are able to deliver this product quickly.


High demands are a standard to offshore bridges. Marteq has a proven track record of aluminium gangways that are longer than common, and are designed and build under class supervision. See also our website strongbridge.nl.

Harbour Terminals

For dozens of port terminals Marteq has developed and built specific solutions. The goal is always a safe access and exit for crew and terminal staff to the ship. Practicality and a safe use is always the starting point for our Harbour Terminal solutions.

Pontoons, access bridges, ship mooring installations

Marteq develops and delivers more complexed mooring installations. From a Supplier of bridges and pontoons to the ultimately responsible for the entire project. Quick realization at competitive prices for a 100% Dutch product are thereby the power of Marteq!


Rental & short term lease


Need a gangway or a bridge. Marteq has several models on stock, ready for rental and/or short term lease. Your’s when you need, ours when you don’t. All Marteq rental gangway’s are certified and ready for use at barges, sea going ships and offshore.

Inspections and tests

A regular inspection or examination of a gangway is mandatory. Let us inspect or approve your gangway. Maritime gangway’s needs a mandatory test every five years! More information in the Maritime Safety Circular 1331. Testing involves an inspection, a strength calculation and a load weights. Among others, the deflection is calculated and measured. If inspection is completed successfully, we will issue a test report and issue a declaration of conformity. Inspections can be supervised by a classification society place (Bureau Veritas, DNV / GL, ABS, Rina, NYK, etc).


Damages are occurring. It is not always necessary to purchase a new walkway or gangway. We have extensive experience in the repair of bridges and gangway programs, in our workshop, or on the job! See also our website www.gangway.repair.

Concept development and engineering

Sometimes a solution is not obvious. Together with our customers, we develop tailor made solutions and transform these into a 3D model. This visual explanation may be the solution. In-house we work toward the chosen concept further into construction drawings, project plans, and so on.

Advice and studies

Sometimes an advice will do the job and is sufficient. We see things from our knowledge and experience and are developing results-oriented solutions, together with our customers.

Tailor made solutions

A standard product does not always match the customers’ requirements. Sometimes it needs to be longer, shorter, wider, lighter, higher, and so on. Because we are designing our products by ourself, we will always find a flexible solution within the customers budget.

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